Who we are

We offer solutions to every problem, whether they are parts supply or assistance.


We supply new, refurbished and obsolete spare parts.You can send us the identification photo of the part to be repaired or supplied and we will make a free quote.

  • We quickly replace your damaged part with another functioning
  • Full warranty on all replaced parts
  • Discount on spare parts
  • Recycling of the old part respecting the environment
  • Reduction of production stoppages
  • Refurbished parts at advantageous costs, tested and guaranteed by the guarantee


We offer customers a 24-hour emergency service, maintenance on industrial equipment and systems. We support the customer in all production phases, reducing the probability of failure and degradation of the functioning of the various components, implementing preventive strategies and maintenance programs.


By promptly responding to customer needs, we collect and recover waste from electrical and electronic equipment destined for abandonment, taking care of their effective recycling, reducing the consumption of raw materials by limiting the use of landfills, with a view to sustainable development.

We buy

Renaissance Group is the complete resource to liquidate your excess inventory. REDUCE warehouse costs, DECREASE inventory obsolescence and OPTIMIZE warehouse space by selling us the stocks you no longer want. New or used products, current or old: you can earn money, respecting the environment.

Decommissioning, dismantling of industrial plants

We carry out disassembly operations (decommissioning) at 360 degrees using specialized technical staff. Where the conditions exist, we are able to provide the best market prices for the acquisition of plants and materials, dealing directly with disassembly and handling.

Used machinery

Since 1990, quality has been our priority. We offer our customers the best opportunities for used machines on the market in various industrial sectors. The reconditioning of a machine is necessary to bring it back to the standards of the new one, and to achieve this, both the technical and the aesthetic aspects must be extremely taken care of.